Ebola one year on: Why did the world care so much?

Politics student Adam takes on the cynics and argues that to attribute the international response to Ebola as only being the result of its threat to international peace and security ignores the shared sense of responsibility that being a part of the international community brings.


The Great Wall of Kenya and the failing strategy against Al-Shabaab

“The way America changed after 9/11 is the way Kenya will change after Garissa” – These words by William Ruto, the Kenyan deputy president heralded the dawning of a new strategy in the fight against Al-Shabaab. This strategy has come in the form of a wall stretching from the Indian Ocean to the city of Mandera. This wall symbolises Kenya’s current failing counter terrorism strategy and succeeds in distracting and deceiving Kenyans rather than defeating the threat posed by Al-Shabaab. The real threat to Kenya is not in Somalia but rather on its own side of the wall.


Christians in Kenya – Falling into Al-Shabaabs trap?

Al-Shabaab want to incite religious hatred in Kenya. This goal is failing as Muslim leaders have closed ranks with their Christian counterparts to display a united and determined face against terror. However, Christian’s must be weary of those within their ranks who are trying to redefine the war as a spiritual battle as al-Shabaab will only be defeated through unity.


It’s time for Greece to exit

Greeks are suffering for the sake of a political goal that should never have been started in the first place. The only way to end this suffering is to leave the Eurozone argues Alex Walker.