Introduction to Issue 6: Capitalism

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Welcome to the final issue of this academic year. I don’t think there are many topics we could have covered which are as expansive, multifaceted and encompassing as capitalism. It was ambitious of us to produce an issue on such a complex topic in the midst of revision and essay writing, but the Canvas team recognised that the foundation block of our civilisation is in the midst of an existential crisis. Since 2008 many commentators have argued that capitalism is on life support. We wanted to write an issue on not only the theoretical basis of capitalism, but also its manifestation around the world, and on important aspects of it which are often ignored. I think this issue succeeds in covering a range of fascinating perspectives on a variety of topics connected to capitalism. We hope this stimulates debate and discussion as is Canvas’ aim.

We have placed the articles into themes. Please click below on a title that catches your interest.

Capitalism For & Against:

Is Capitalism the Only Reality by Chris Olewicz

Against Capitalism’s Moral Critics by Adam Hawksbee

In Defence of Capitalism by Simon Renwick

Is a Purer Capitalism the Way Forward? By Alexander Titcomb


Issues in Capitalism

A Woman’s Place is in the Office? Feminism and Capitalism by Lily Parr

A Call to Arms: Spenders of the World, Unite! By David Jeffery

The Benevolent Slave-Master: Charity Meets Capitalism by George Richards

Henry George: The Land Value Tax in British Political Culture by Chris Olewicz

Over the Hedge? By Joe Austin

Copyrighted Crops: Big Business, Intellectual Protection and Nature’s Bounty by James Wilson

Is Art anti-Capitalist? by Sarah Murphy-Young

No Wealth but Life: Capitalism and the Environment by Aaron Thierry


Capitalism Around the World

The Age of Austerity by Jamie Ranger

Back to the Future? Lessons in Capitalism from Latin America by Nathan Tanswell

Alternatives to the Austerity: Prospects for Europe After the Election of Francois Hollande by Andrew Tromans

Book Review: Ill Fares the Land: A Treatise on our Present Discontents by Ben Mackay


I hope you enjoy this issue. If you like what Canvas does and want to get involved please send us an email. We will be launching our first issue of the next academic year in early October.


Thanks for reading.

Best wishes,

Ben Mackay