Introduction to Issue 1: The BRICS

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Welcome to Canvas’ first issue of this academic year. Although the start of the year has already seen a mini-issue on the Democracy 2015 campaign and interviews with two MPs, this is the first journal issue. Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are each fascinating countries with many political, social and economic issues. Indeed such is the interest in these nations, this topic came top of a vote by Canvas writers and readers in deciding which subject matter to be covered in an Issue. They are internationally powerful and their influence is growing all the time. In five years it is predicted that China’s economy will overtake the US. Since March it has been the case that Brazil has a larger economy than the UK. India continues to be the world’s biggest democracy. Meanwhile Russia and South Africa are hugely resource rich and are dominant in their regional affairs. In this issue seventeen writers have analysed a variety of subjects, from Russian energy policy to the education system in South Africa. The articles are interesting and well argued and always include Canvas’ appreciation for evidence. We hope you enjoy them.

Here are the contents of our Issue:





South Africa:

The BRICS in General:

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Ben Mackay