LGBT History Month mini-issue

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The New Cockroaches, by Siobhan Bligh

Sheffield University’s LGBT committee is raising money for SMUG, a gay rights organization in Uganda, and here Siobhan Bligh explains why.


LGBT Rights in Sudan, by Chloe E Lee

Chloe E Lee looks at LGBT rights within the country of Sudan and why the criminal code is so harsh on LGBT people.


Sexuality: From Stigma, to Novelty?, by Gareth Cassin

Although there has been a lot of progress, in the west homosexuality is still too often viewed as a novelty argues Gareth Cassin. People are being defined by one aspect of themselves, their sexuality.


The Pink Tide of Gay Rights in Latin America, by James Donnelly

James Donnelly explores the progress of gay rights in Latin American countries. LGBT rights have been achieved across the continent even after a recent sad history for LGBT people in some of these countries and continuuing widespread disapproval.


The Fight for Gay Rights in Africa and Developing Countries, by Jack Gibson

In this article Jack Gibson explores recent efforts to improve the rights for LGBT people in the developing countries, a process which has focused largely on the plight of gay people living in sub-Saharan Africa. Discriminatory rhetoric in such countries has often presented homosexuality as a consequence of imperialist Western influence.


Alan Turing and Hidden Stories, by Gregory Pichorowycz

The life of genius code breaker Alan Turing offers an insight into the lives of homosexuals in the early to mid twentieth century, writes Gregory Pichorowycz.