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If there was to be one phrase that would define an issue such as ‘Significant Events of the 20th Century’, it would be that ‘Context is Crucial’.

Sometimes a significant event can come down to the simplest of actions; the reading of a speech, the shot of a bullet, the conception of an idea. But it is the context in which these actions are exercised that give them their significance; the timing and application of an action can have huge consequences – whether it was JFK’s speech on the Space Race, the abolishment of Clause IV by the Labour Party, or Gavrilo Princip’s gun going off in the direction of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, context matters.

And so Canvas is proud to present another excellent collection of essays around the topic of ‘Significant Events of the 20th Century’; whether Sam Toombs’ examination of the Second Boer War, Sanny Mulubale’s article on the release of Nelson Mandela from prison, or David Jeffrey’s insightful argument on the prohibition of chemical weapons, there are plenty of interesting, thought provoking and inquisitive pieces that are sure to spark debate!

So sit back, put on your debating cap and dive into another fantastic issue of Canvas!

Simon Renwick