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Hello, and welcome to yet another intellectually invigorating and stimulating issue of Canvas! This, our fourth issue of the fifth volume, looks at the Commonwealth, and all the countries this graces.

The British Empire and the Commonwealth and seminal pieces of both national and global history; the largest Empire the world has ever seen led to huge expanses of trade proliferation, the spread of cultures, and the eventual independence of countries ranging from Canada to Afghanistan.

But the Empire was also marred by racial problems, excessive violence, and a jingoistic imperialism that sits uneasy with many in contemporary Britain – truly, the Empire and its legacy is one of a contentious nature.

In this issue we have a whole host of articles, ranging from the Xenophobia found in Australians towards Asylum seekers, all the way through an examination of why the British Empire did fall. So sit back, get comfortable and prepare for another fantastic issue of Canvas!