UKIP Environment Spokesman says Man-on-Man made Climate change a reality

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The UKIP spokesman for Energy Roger Helmer MEP announced a U-turn of his party’s long standing scepticism towards man kinds contribution to climate change.

The UK Independence Party has until this point been reluctant to concede that mankind was contributing to a change in climate. Members of the party have argued that climate change should no longer be part of the school curriculum.

However, in an interview with The Doodle Slug, Helmer revealed his belief that “the case for man-made climate change is now effectively beyond dispute. Having read the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) recent report, who am I to argue with 95% of scientists?

“It’s now beyond dispute. ‘man-on-man made climate change is a startling reality’

The policy U-turn has been interpreted by political commentators as an attempt to drag UKIP into the 21st century, as well as targeting disgruntled Lib-Dem voters ahead of the European elections.

Helmer attributed the ‘undeniable’ effect of human beings on “the unscrupulous profiteering of multinational corporations. Heartless companies such as Boots and Bodyshop are doing irreparable damage by dealing in male grooming products. If these companies aren’t going to behave responsibly to protect the environment, it’s the government role to hold them to account.”

He continued: “Don’t even get me started on Coors Light. Not only are they selling light beer, they’re also exploiting John Claude Van Dame in a denim tank top to do it. If that doesn’t tempt the Almighty to raise global atmospheric temperature, nothing will.

“I only pray that future generations will be able to forgive us for our short sighted folly”