Wallace and Gromit creators sue Ed Miliband for breach of copyright

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Labour leader Ed Milliband is facing legal prosecution from animation producers Aardman Studios after the company criticised his unauthorised use of image rights to the beloved TV character Wallace.

The studios issued a public warning to Miliband demanding he undergo reconstructive facial surgery, or else face paying substantial sums in damages in the civil courts.

The statement, delivered by the studio’s legal counsel, took particular issue with Miliband’s “persistent, illicit use of intellectual property, in service of a political agenda utterly at odds with the character.

“Wallace was created to represent the archetypal working class conservative. He’s a small business owner, an entrepreneur, with legitimate concerns about the size of the deficit and the mass of red tape coming from Brussels.

“As for Gromit, one of the principle reasons why he never got any lines was because of his controversial opinions on immigration.

“Especially the Jews”, the statement added. “Don’t get Gromit started on the Jews.”

Ed Miliband hit back at the allegations, citing an obscure common law principle that the he has moral rights to the likeness of Wallace, because “it’s his face.”

Mr Miliband is not the first mainstream politician to be prosecuted for breach of image rights. UKIP leader Nigel Farage has been forced to pay £16,000 on an annual basis in royalties to Lucas Studies for his continued use of the likeness of Star Wars character Admiral Akbar, while Disney won a £500,000 payout from Treasury minister Danny Alexander over his shameless use of The Muppets character Beaker.

More controversially, Eric Pickles was forced to pay a substantial out of court settlement to his own left thumb.