UKIP posters boost self-worth of millions in soul destroying jobs

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A recent poster campaign by the UK Independence Party has led to run-away inflation in the egos of thousands of employees in menial, dead-end jobs.

The posters, which read “26 million people in Europe are looking for work, and whose job are they after?” has been praised by a wide range of Sheffield residents for its up-beat message, and promotion of positive self-image.

“Before I saw UKIP’s poster, I could barely look at myself in the mirror” said Sandwich Technician Jake Turner. “But knowing that there are 26 million people across Europe that are jealous of me has just made my year.

“I just want to thank UKIP, and the 26 million unemployed Europeans, for giving me a fresh perspective on my seeming futile toil and self-preservation”.

The posters did not initially enjoy such success, in many cases stimulating confusion and bewilderment from down-trodden blue collar workers.

“When I first saw it, I just assumed it was pointing at some guy behind me”, said senior mop operative Rajesh Dubakah.

“But eventually that guy moved off and it was still pointing at me… I was made up. I honestly couldn’t believe that 26 million people would want to work a zero-hours contract at the University of Sheffield” he added.

UKIP have taken note of the this positive feedback, and intend to launch a follow up campaign, bringing attention to the millions of single Europeans that want to have sex with your spouse.