Supermarkets seek end to halal controversy by labelling packets with Islamic Prophet

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halal meat

Leading food distributors are taking steps to end the recent controversy over halal food packaging, with a plan to clearly label halal meat with a sticker depicting the Prophet Muhammad.

The move comes amid growing pressure from religious interest groups, who have called for accurate labelling of how specific meat products have been slaughtered.

A number of restaurants, including Pizza Express, had received a backlash after revelations they’ve been serving Halal chicken to customers without their knowledge.

Supermarket’s claim the new move shows a full understanding of their customers’ beliefs.

“We are ready to put this controversy to bed”, said a Tesco spokesperson. “Clearly we have offended the deeply held beliefs of our customers, and we’re confident these measures will resolve the issue.”

The scheme will involve a widespread public awareness campaign broadcasting the new sticker design to households across the UK after industry analysts highlighted that many customers don’t recognise the image of the Prophet Muhammad.

In a further measure to reduce the level of confusion around religious meat packaging, all food stuffs suitable for Christian consumption will be marked with a picture of fish on the packet, a long standing symbol of the Christian faith.