UKIP’s Guide to spotting if a Romanian has moved in next door.

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  • Is there a horse and cart in the drive way?
  • Has the horse and cart been recently replaced with a burnt out Skoda?
  • Has the Skoda been replaced with your wife’s hatchback?
  • Has your wife’s hatchback been replaced by your wife, pulling the original cart?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable around them?
  • Are they responsible for 92% of ATM thefts in London?
  • Do they live in a council house?
  • Is it nicer than your council house?
  • Do they have more hair on their hands than you have on your head?
  • Do you have poor job security?
  • Have you recently been kidnapped and sold into human trafficking?
  • Are they a household of German children? (You’ll know the difference)