‘Sexist’ Premier League Chief tells nation to stop PMSing

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Premier League Chief executive Richard Scudamore has hit back against widespread accusations of sexism, telling the British public ‘not to be so fucking hormonal.’

The statement comes during a rough period for Scudamore, after a series of emails were leaked to the press containing comments perceived by many to be misogynistic.

‘I want to show the public that I’m sensitive to these feminine issues’ Scudamore said at a Press Conference.

‘And clearly all this anger is because the British Public has the builders in. The only way I can explain this irrational hysteria is that the UK’s population has synchronized its menstrual cycles’.

When questioned on the tenability of his position by the BBC’s Nick Robinson, Scudamore offered to go down the pharmacy to get him some tampons.

Scudamore proceeded to dismiss Telegraph chief football correspondent Henry Winter as a ‘Menstrusaurus Rex’.

The Press Conference ended when Scudamore stormed out, shouting ‘I’m going down the pub. The UK can call me when it’s ready to apologise.’