UKIP ‘delighted’ with EU’s demand for extra £1.7bn

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Nigel Farage's reaction when he heard the news.

Nigel Farage’s reaction when he heard the news.

Revelations that the UK will have to pay an extra £1.7bn to the EU have sparked discrete excitement among UKIP MEPs.

Party representatives, who have been secretly toasting the decision over the past week, believe the news will feed Euroscepticism and help widen their support base.

“If we play our cards right, this could be a big hello to 2015’s general election,” a party spokesperson told the Doodle Slug while rubbing his hands in glee.

A group of EU commissioners were left confused after some UKIP candidates secretly asked for an even bigger payment.

“One of them actually asked whether we could offset Britain’s extra costs with a larger rebate for France”, a bemused looking commissioner said.

Right-wing Tories have also seemed surprisingly upbeat in response to the news.

A senior Treasury official told the Doodle Slug: “Europe’s been a pain for ages, and now they want us to contribute more because of our relatively stronger growth? Wonderful!

“We’re taking the opportunity to cut ourselves back to the point where we’re in recession again. If we stop growing, they can’t punish us for doing well. That makes sense, right?”