HS2 space contract given to First Group after Virgin crash

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An artist's impression of what could happen if Virgin keep the contract.

An artist’s impression of what could happen if Virgin keeps the contract.

Following the crash of Virgin Galactic’s spaceship, First Group have been awarded the contract for the Government’s cross-planetary transport project Hyper-Space 2.

HS2, which aims to connect London to the Moon via a high-speed link followed by a second phase encompassing Mars and Jupiter, has recently
come under heavy criticism and the accident on Friday led to renewed calls for it to be scrapped.

However, a Government spokesperson said First Group’s bid would result in a substantial cost saving.

“Virgin initially said they could do it for £1,000, yet costs were spiralling out of control and the latest evaluation came in at £80 trillion.

“But now First have told us they can do it for £500. Can’t let up on a bargain like that, can we?”

A First Group employee told the Doodle Slug their vessel had a 100 per cent safety record, based on “in-depth testing” with a handheld fan.

 the project has come under fire from Conservative backbenchers, many of whom have constituencies on the proposed route.

One backbencher told the Doodle Slug the whole project was now in doubt. “Why can’t we just spend money in the South-East of the galaxy like we usually do?”