Get Involved

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If you’re interested in getting involved, we would love to hear from you! We welcome undergraduate and postgraduate students.

To get involved in any aspect of Canvas, whether that is the monthly issues, the Comment and Analysis sections, research or media (radio show and interviews!) please email us at canvas[at]sheffield[dot]ac[dot]uk

Monthly Issues

If you want to get involved with our monthly issues, which have a theme, then all you have to do is email us: canvas[at]sheffield[dot]ac[dot]uk with your suggestion. We will work from there to assign you to an editor, maybe suggest some changes if necessary, and finally see your article published!

We will also add you to our mailing list, so you will always receive news and updates about what Canvas has been up to.

Our themes have ranged across a broad spectrum, including:

  • Elections and Voting
  • Democracy
  • What Is Politics?
  • Gender and Sexuality
  • Environmental Politics
  • Student Politics
  • Law and Order
  • Media and Technology
  • Political Reform
  • Political Figures
  • Education
  • The Politics of the USA
  • The Politics of Europe
  • Capitalism
  • Women and politics
  • The BRICs
  • Arts and Society

Comment and Analysis

Our other part of the website, Analysis and Comment, focuses on current affairs issues. This platform is used to publish articles that do not fit into our current theme. We’ve had loads of articles, from the resignation of the Pope to sleaze in American politics, from Blue Labour to the global financial crisis. See our Analysis and Comment section to see how to get involved – click here.


Canvas’ media aspect has grown over the past two years. We have interviewed a range of important political figures such as Nick Clegg, Marc Stears, Peter Hitchens, Selma James, Owen Jones, David Blunkett and others. We also have a weekly radio show on Tuesdays at 10am on Forge Radio. Canvas is always looking for people to get involved in our media site – especially to appear on our radio show – so please get in touch if this interests you!


The Canvas Political Research Group (CPRG) boasts its own sub-committee, and regularly produces original research which is used to produce articles for the journal or disseminated at events. It also runs events, which aim to bring cutting-edge research at the Department of Politics to students of all disciplines, with topics such as Intelligence and Security. The research side of Canvas has seen detailed analytical articles on issues like social mobility and asylum seekers. At the moment the Canvas Research sub-committee are looking at the issue of technology and the surveillance state and what it means to be British.

Through it’s association with Westminster thinktank, Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), CPRG also coordinates the Metis journal at Sheffield, which provides students with the potential to have policy-related articles published in a printed journal by a major thinktank. As part of our relationship with IPPR, we also host round-table discussions with senior researchers from IPPR on current issues.