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Women Cut Deep: How planned cuts to the public sector will disproportionately affect women

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Whilst the Conservative Party may not be actively sexist, the public service reforms by the Con-Lib coalition government could certainly have a sexist outcome; research by The Fawcett Society indicates that women are going to be disproportionally affected by the cuts in public services. Women, along with those reliant on state support, making up sixty-five per cent of the state workforce, will suffer most. Of the £8 billion raised through taxation to support welfare provisions, seventy-two per cent will come from female pockets, in comparison to 28 per cent from their male counterparts. Single parent families, inevitably mothers, will be disproportionately affected as they rely on government hand-outs to support their children, and the increasingly difficult job market means that, with other priorities, mothers are more unlikely to be actively looking for work.